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An ‘old school’ anime with gory and fairy tale features

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World Struggle III, a fearsome alien tyrant, and 5 heroes prepared to save lots of the galaxy: These are the premise we have launched. golion, 80s anime, we’ll cowl on this new date with our column. Return in house with this animated collection produced by Toei Animation in 1981 and was printed in Italy the next yr. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that these broadcast on Canale 5 are solely the primary 26 of the whole 52 episodes. What comes later, finishing the story, aren’t the ‘actual’ elements of Golion.

Right here it’s essential to open a parenthesis and make an evidence. Really, when the Golion anime got here to Italy in its entirety voltran. It’s a 1983 American animated tv collection. by enhancing two totally different Japanese anime collectively: Golion and Kikō kantai Dairugger XV, each produced by Toei Animation and utterly impartial of one another. Because of this what got here to Italy was a totally totally different anime, and exactly due to this, it created a whole lot of confusion within the viewers of these years. However on this publish, we’ll rewatch the adventures of the ‘unique’ Japanese anime Golion.

Golion: the story of the anime

Planet Galra and the terrifying Thai Bazaal

The primary episode of the Golion anime begins with an nearly poetic presentation of this highly effective robotic, described as the one robotic able to restoring peace among the many warring planets. The hero robotic’s presentation follows that of the anime’s villains. they’re aliens planet Galraled by evil King Thai-BazaalA tyrant who enjoys raiding close by planets and seizing those that will later develop into his slaves.

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Within the first minutes of the anime, there is no scarcity of gory photos, provided that a few of these minions had been utilized by the tyrant to feed a fearsome beast, making their deaths spectacular in an enviornment. Within the cargo of slaves who got here to the planet Galra within the first episode all 5 heroes discovered.

5 pilots to save lots of the galaxy

Akira Kogane (group chief), Isamu Kurogane, Hiroshi Suzuishi, Tsuyoshi Seidō and Takashi Shirogane 5 extremely expert terrestrial pilots captured by aliens enemies whereas exploring in house. After being separated from planet Earth for a very long time, the world solely grew to become a III in 1999. Certainly, Tay-Bazaal took benefit of the chaos of warfare to hold out his evil plans.

The 5 heroes are thus captured and enslaved, however devise a plan to flee. Utilizing their piloting abilities, they steal the spaceship that goals to gather the minions in house and escape. However they’re chased by the Galrians and They crash-land on the planet Althea. truly replaces planet Earth in anime historical past.

The planet Althea and the story of Golion

Even the planet Althea fell into the clutches of the Galrians. Evil aliens have subdued him nevertheless it’s the arrival of the 5 pilots to place the playing cards again on the desk. They’re greeted by Princess Fara, who reveals them. The key of Golion’s existence. So let’s be taught the story of this highly effective and historical robotic, which, nevertheless helpful it could be, is usually very fierce and smug.

golion robot

His excessive brutality causes the Goddess of the Universe to punish him at some point: After “condemning” him to doing solely good, she divides him into 5 lions. His energy is thus divided, and provided that the 5 lions reunite Golion can he return to being the invincible robotic of the previous. Defeating the Galians will solely be potential by reuniting him, so the pilots discover the 5 lions reuniting Golion.

A dramatic demise and the arrival of Prince Syncrain

With Golion’s energy seized, Akira and 4 different pilots start a battle in opposition to the fearsome Tay-Bazaal and his minions: Sadak and the evil witch Honelva. Second, throughout a battle, a kill one of many 5 heroes: Takashi. It is a horrible blow for the crew, who was additionally spared a pilot Golion wanted. then it will likely be there Princess Fara will take her placeprovides the staff an opportunity to proceed their battle in opposition to the Gauls.

In the meantime, issues begin to go badly for the enemies as effectively. Sadak’s failed missions infuriate the king, who decides to kill him. As a substitute, his son enters the scene, Prince Syncraineven worse than the daddy he actually wished to overthrow.


Whereas Prince Syncrain goals to destroy Golion and kidnap Fara to marry him, Golion is busy saving Earth from new enemy assaults. Sadly, this time there will probably be nothing left for the planet to do, and it’ll explode, destroying the heroes’ homeland without end. Nevertheless, the wars proceed to nook the Galrians, a lot in order that the king himself decides to take the sphere. Became robot-monster fights in opposition to golion ma loses his life.

The ultimate battle includes Prince Syncrain, who’s defeated in flip. The Galrians are now not a risk, and Althea and the whole galaxy can lastly stay in peace.

spirits of golon

Golion: curiosities and ideas about anime

Golion to Voltron: What Occurred?

As acknowledged at first of the article, Golion serves because the beacon for Voltron’s startThe American adaptation of the anime. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the adherence to the unique product may be very weak, and certainly the imaginative and prescient has introduced an essential collection to gentle. cuts and censors. Voltron affords vital cuts to the plot and definitive censors that change the ambiance and illuminate probably the most dramatic points of the story. Dialogues are sometimes totally different and in some circumstances there are actual omissions.

It eliminated a lot of the violence typical of the Japanese years of the ’70s and early ’80s; then key scenes are minimize considerably and scenes from earlier episodes or different cartoons are mixed. Add to this the addition of various endings and scenes that do not exist and alter the which means of the anime. The end result, subsequently, is a product very totally different and really candy in comparison with the unique one.

Golion: an ‘outdated type’ anime

Though it is an anime from the 80s (keep in mind it was made in 1981), Golion is extra like the varsity of the earlier decade greater than is typical of his years. Actually, if it weren’t for some minor particulars, it may have been mistaken for a ’70s product because it averted a number of the always-repeated fashions seen over the subsequent decade. We notice this, beginning with the heroic robotic, not a pure flying machine whose form and origin confer with animals (on this case, the lion) after which assume a humanoid kind. The illustrations are ‘old-fashioned’ and that is as a result of they’ve ‘basic’ writers from the 70s behind them. Kazuo Nakamurwho lent his artwork to many Go Nagai robots.

We actually owe the concept of ​​lions to Nakamura, who was additionally previously the creator of Beralios in “Daltanious” (a lion-shaped robotic). Different options that take us again to the old-fashioned then absence of scientist behind the creation of the large robotic (it is ubiquitous in 80s mecha anime); and once more the existence of monstrous alien enemies and house empires. Additionally, there may be nothing lacking right here.typical western fairy story factor: an instance is the presence of Fara, an exquisite Althean princess with lengthy blonde hair; even that of a witch and a mouse.

Golion: anime theme track

There Italian abbreviation for Golion“Go, go, time to go!” sung by Rocco Reitano, the well-known Mino’s nephew.

Would you prefer to relive different tales about 80s anime? We launched into an journey with the protagonist Goku. dragon ball. we fought alongside King Arthur and with rice Time Raiders. We suffered the ache of affection johnny and somewhat candy Kyoko. We dived into skating fights. muting. We skilled the dramatic approach shovels and we grew to become keen about sporting challenges Holly and Benji, shingo and Mila and Shirou. but in addition very more!

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