Attack Gorillaz 2023

Attack Gorillaz 2023

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founder gorilla he’s a multi-instrumentalist Damon Albarn with the cartoonist Jamie Hewlett they made up An “animation group” for over 20 years. As we speak they’re returning to augmented actuality within the single metropolitan live performance. “Skynny Ape” observe from the brand new album Cracker Island. The underground music scene is 2000s, different hip hop is digital “brit” and “journey”. cartoon bands. Albarn was the rock frontman for Blur, and Hewlett designed his music by imagining non-existent members of the band GORILLAZ in 2D. THE LAST CULT is all the time a relentless seek for new members. He lent to movie and social mission, beginning with YouTube. Technological experiments and avant-garde animation make Cracker an modern mission by no means seen or heard earlier than. GOOGLE and GORILLAZ collaborate on music geolocation to an as but unimaginable future.

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