Bari-Padova 3-0. Botta apre le danze con un gran gol, poi doppietta di Cheddira. Rivivi il live

Bari-Padua 3-0. Botta opened the ball with a great goal, followed by a boost from Cheddira. Relive the living

3 minutes, 11 seconds Read

96′ Coppa Italia match performed towards Padova in Arechi ended 3-0 for Bari. Botta’s Eurogoal after 8again then Cheddira’s double hit at 16′ and 91. subsequent rooster race in Verona on 7 Augustfor the thirty-second last of the nationwide cup.

94′ D’Errico tackles the ball from the skin.

91′ BARIII GOAL Cheddira reiterates the purpose after Donnarumma rejects Bellomo’s shot. Bari-Padua 3-0.

90′ A 5-minute restoration has been reported.

88′ Pucino from the skin, central conclusion, rescues Donnarumma.

85′ Bellomo’s left foot grazes, ball out. Maiello comes out of D’Errico.

83′ Cheddira bounces off two of her opponents, however misses the center measure for her teammates on the sphere.

80′ Galano’s try was blocked by the white defend protection,

79′ Good cross from Ricci into the opponent’s penalty space, Cheddira doesn’t enter the ball.

76′ Exterior Folorunsho enters Nicola Bellomo. Change between Botta and Galano as properly.

68′ Ghirardello and Radrezza on the sphere, besides Dezi and Russini within the Padua space.

67′ Russini at 25 yards, out.

65′ Folorunsho is awaited by Donnarumma.

63′ Getting into Mallamo from Antenucci.

62′ Folorunsho is harmful, however the result’s immediately within the zone

59′ Padova replaces Gagliano and Franchini with Piovanello (ex-Bari) and Cretella.

54′ Good closing in protection by Folorunsho in Dezi.

48′ Harmful punishment for Padua. Large parade from left-handed Curcio, Caprile.

The second half begins. Inside Terranova for Di Cesare and Vasic for Kirwan in Padua.

47′ The primary half ends right here. Bari-Padua 2-0 objectives from Botta within the eighth minute and Cheddira within the sixteenth minute. Good efficiency so removed from Mignani’s males.

45′ Caprile comes out of a nook properly and takes possession of the ball. On the restart, a pleasant ball from Botta for Maita who did not catch the help.

43′ Di Cesare, already strapped in, takes Russini down on the danger of working a purple gentle. On punishment, from Russini himself, Caprile is sweet.

41′ Vicari corners Dezi’s initiative. Nothing was performed within the nook.

34′ One other acceleration from Cheddira was closed for a nook by the Padova defence. Donnarumma was spared on the enhancements of Antenucci’s stunning nook kick.

31′ Stunning Maiello-Antenucci mixture. The tip goes to the shot, excessive.

27′ Restart the sport.

25′ Once more the Venetians, Gagliano shoots excessive. The cooling break continues.

20′ It is known as Padova, Ceravolo is headbutting. The ball is on the backside.

18′ Di Cesare has acquired a yellow card.

16′ BARIIII’S GOAL Cheddira doubles down with Botta’s help.

15′ Folorunsho within the distance, ball under.

12′ One other shot from Botta was dampened, this time by the opposing protection.

10′ Ceravolo’s try narrowly missed.

8′ GOOL OF BARIIII Botta’s nice shot, Donnarumma can not help it.

7′ Harmful punishment from Curcio, properly performed Caprile.

5′ It is Vicari’s fault supporting Gagliano, however the striker from Padua does not seize this chance.

3′ cedar He tries to lob face-to-face with the opposing goalkeeper, however misses the purpose.

2′ Cheddira tries for Donnarumma.

one’ The groups are on the court docket, Bari carrying black jerseys, purple jerseys for Padova. Referee Dionisi has simply began the match.

Good night from the editorial employees of and welcome straight to the textual content. Bari-Padua, the Coppa Italia qualifying spherical and the primary official match for roosters this new season. The match is predicted to begin 21 years previous within the Arechi property of Salerno.

Official formations:

Bari (4-3-1-2): Capricorn; Pucino, Di Cesare, Vicari, Ricci; Folorunsho, Maiello, Maita; fist; Antenucci, Cedira. All.Mignani

Benches: Frattali, Polverino, Gigliotti, D’Errico, Galano, Terranova, Mazzotta, Bosisio, Bellomo, Cangiano, Benedetti, Dorval, Mallamo.

Padua (3-4-3): Donnarumma, Gasbarro, Ilie, Germano, Ceravolo, Russini, Dezi, Gagliano, Franchini, Kirwan, Curcio All.Caneo

Benches: Zannellati, Fortin, Valentini, Piovanello, Cretella, Bacci, Ghirardello, Vasic, Calabrese, Monaco, Miccoli, Radrezza.

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