Corvax Stigmata, new horror manga

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Corvax Stigmata by Paula Andrade is the brand new darkish horror manga revealed by . Strange Book For the Unusual Comics collection.

A brand new darkish horror manga for the style comes straight from Argentina Unusual E-book. we’re speaking about comics corvax Stigmata Written and drawn by an Argentine writer. paula andrade and added to the thematic collection by the writer Unusual Comics.

The manga has had unimaginable vital and industrial success, not simply in Argentina however in all Spanish-speaking nations.

He thought-about translating the comedian. Jade Cecchinelli.

Quantity is simply accessible in: paper format.


A cursed wizard embarks on a grueling journey to search out the three darkish substances wanted to undo a spell and thereby save his beloved sister: the soil of the Infidels’ cornfield, the Harpy’s poison, and the Suicide King’s rope.

However the sorcerer in his path should conflict with creatures lurking in darkish and forgotten locations, forcing him to face his biggest worry: the unforgivable crime that haunts him.

Initially, Corvax Stigmata talks about guilt, the laborious method to let it go and go on residing. It is about surviving the eternity of a wizard’s life surrounded by darkness. It speaks of the hope that love incorporates and the braveness to place it at the beginning, even when it means being overwhelmed. Each impediment is a step to climb as he ascends into oblivion of shadows and deafening silence in a world the place the magician not appears to be part of him however needs to swallow him up.

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