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A re-release of one of the most influential TV series of the ’90s is finally about to debut. alsoLaunch of Trigun Stampede Actually, only a few days left. Here it is preview video from the first episode from the remake series.

The return of Vash the Stampede is just around the corner. Trigun Stamp Crunchyroll’s winter program of 2023 will begin on January 7, the day the first episode, titled “No man’s land,” will be simulcast. In anticipation of its release, we are here with a video that predicts what viewers will witness.

based on iconic 1995 manga by Yasuhiro NightowUnlike the classic series, Trigun Stampede adopts a CG graphic style that radically changes the look of the work’s beloved heroes. Here it is Comparative Trigun picture by Nightow. In the preview released online by Studio Orange, we can get a taste of the anime’s graphic style as well as get to know the gunslinger Vash.

In the desert town of No Man’s Land, there is a troublemaker with a $6 million bounty on his head. he is to be shattered, A man everyone would want to see dead. Journalist Meryl Strife, along with drunken veteran Roberto de Niro, seek information on Vash, but encounter a red-jacketed gunslinger who never kills people and is the most benign in the world. Accompanied by undertaker Nicholas Wolfwood, they set out in search of Vash’s twin brother, Million Knives.

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