Frankie Hi-Nrg on the attack on Netflix's new Pinocchio: "Guillermo Del Toro is fucked"

Frankie Hi-Nrg on the attack on Netflix’s new Pinocchio: “Guillermo Del Toro is fucked”

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No, a Frankie Hello-Nrg I positively did not just like the final model. Pinocchio Oscar-winning director’s signature Guillermo Del Toro. In reality, the Roman rapper should have taken benefit of those festive days to see the cartoon, as a result of he landed on it. Netflix exactly on the event of Christmas: Judging by the tone of his remark, nevertheless, it was not a pleasing shock for him. “In fact, it’s a must to really feel actually tremendous energized to shoot a narrative like this. Pinocchiofully warp it, shit on it, and resell it underneath the identical identify., proper @RealGDT? ” roared on Twitter, “tagging” the director. For sure, his submit didn’t go unnoticed, quite the opposite, it sparked debate amongst cinephiles, Collodi fairy story lovers and easy keyboard lions. what is for certain is Guillermo Del Toro this can be a Fantasy and darkness Pinocchio, singing and (anti) Fascism. So many poetic licenses, narrative variations, stylistic innovations, briefly, all-round freedom of expression that Del Toro admits to himself. bring the invented puppet to life as we’ve never seen it before Carlo Collodi (our review here).

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