Imperia beat Angelo Baiardo 3-1 at Ciccione Stadium / Chronicle, results and standings

Imperia beat Angelo Baiardo 3-1 at Ciccione Stadium / Chronicle, results and standings

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3 to 1 completed empire house sport, allo Nino Ciccione Stadium, in opposition toAngelo Baiardo on the third day championship associated to excellence THEM neroazzuri, After the conceded purpose within the third minute of the primary half, they saved the match with a rating of 1-2. three targets associated to Campelli, Sancinito and at last Cassini.


First half
1′ begin sport
3′ Baiardo forward. Nice free kick from Oliviero who beat Bova. 0 to 1
9′ Imperia beginning 3-5-2 with Taddei in the midst of the protection, Guida and Ravoncoli within the arms, Ordisci, Giglio and Sancinito within the center. Bands for Campelli and Jebbar, Melandri and Cernaz forward
Good lengthy ball from 17′ Ordisci for Melandri who aimed her left foot on the sphere and was choked by the house protection
20′ Ordisci finishes the sport once more for Cernaz, who kicked the massive ball first.
26′ Goodbye. Imperial draw. Melandri stands in the midst of the sphere for Campelli, who beat Ferrari. 1 to 1
33′ Yellow for Pascucci, winner of the match
Yellow on 35′ Giglio too, that is suspicious
40′ Oliviero can be proven the yellow card.
41′ Goool, goool, gool Sancinito was the focal point on the free kick. comet 2 to 1
45′ Two rescues
47′ So ended the primary half. Campelli and Sancinito smash Oliviero’s first purpose

Second half
1′ No change to the second half
3′ exterior Fossa in Fazio and outdoors Oliviero for Romei
5′ Sancinito once more from free kick, ball simply went out
7′ Onda Giglio, second yellow card for Imperia
15′ Two penalties on the sphere for Baiardo. Bova held the ball too far within the space, in line with the referee. Nothing executed, ball in barrier
17′ Taddei receives a yellow card for protests
21′ Third change of company, exterior Colamorea in Calcagno
28′ Ferraro and Briozzo go away the sport for Borreani and Gattiglia
30′ Romeo! The participant from the 20 who kicked Bova’s purpose
33′ Melandri is changed by Bourkaa, Imperia is extra defensive. Lupo is proven the yellow card, exterior the technical space.
37′ Taddei saves the whole lot. Merialdo’s secure shot places the middle head in and takes a nook kick.
39′ Jebbar is proven the yellow card.
40′ Ordisci leaves the pitch for Cassini
40′ Giambarresi junction. The ball inside was badly spun by the house protection, with 3 company kicking within the second inning and hitting the board in a sensational manner.
44′ Gattiglia is proven the yellow card.
45′ 6 minutes further time
47′ Goodbye. Imperia closes, Cassini stabs Ferrari off. 3 to 1
48′ Cernaz, nice serve by Jebbar, very near poker. Ferrari’s Miracle
50′ Cernaz and Jebbar go away the sport, Morchio and Lanteri enter the sport
52′ Morchio warns
53′ Bova! Rejects a end result from company
It ends like this after 98 minutes. Imperia beat Angelo Baiardo 3-1 out of ten in 7 of the second half because of the expulsion of captain Giglio. Campelli, Sancinito and Cassini scored.


Imperia: Bova, Ravoncoli, Guida, Taddei, Ordisci (85′ Cassini), Sancinito, Giglio, Jebbar (95′ Morchio), Cernaz (95′ Lanteri), Campelli, Melandri (78′ Bourkaa). Subs: Cella, Paraschiva, Plando, Bourkaa, Morchio, Lanteri, Cassini, Fatnassi, Ardissone. Coach: Wolf

Angelo Baiardo: Ferrari, Pascucci, Giambaresi, Merialdo, Colamorea (66′ Calcagno), Napello, Battaglia, Oliviero (48′ Romei), Fossa (48′ Fazio), Briozzo (73′ Gattiglia), Ferraro (73′ Borreani). Subs: D’Amora, Ungaro, Borreani, Calcagno, Zuppiroli, Fazio, Gattiglia, Grigò, Romei. Coach: Hay

REFEREE: Lorenzo Casali
Assistants: Ivano Sciallero and Giuseppe Nicolosi


Recorded: 33′ Pascucci (A), 35′ Giglio, 40′ Oliviero (A), 62′ Taddei, 78′ Lupo (inclusive), 84′ Jebbar, 89′ Gattiglia (A), 96′ Morchio
Dropped from the sport: 52′ Giglio
Scorers: 3′ Oliviero (A), 26′ Campelli, 41′ Sancinito, 92′ Cassini

Third day outcomes

Athletic Membership Albaro 3-0 Canaletto Sepor
Busalla Match 4 – 2 Taggia
Campomorone Sant’Olcese 2 – 0 Finals
FS Sestrese Calcio 1919 1 – 2 Albenga 1928
Genoa Calcio 1 – 1 Lavagnese 1919
Empire 3 – 1 Angelo Baiardo
Rapallo Ruentes 1914 3 – 1 Arenzano FC
Voltrese Vultur 0 – 2 Cairo
Rivasamba HCA brand Rivasamba HCA 0 – 0 Power and Braveness 1914


Albenga 1928 9
Genoa Calcio 7
Cairo 7
empire 6
Rivasamba HCA 4
Power and Braveness 1914 4
Athletics Membership Albaro 4
Arenzano FC 4
Campomorone Sant’Olcese 4
Lavagnez 1919 4
Busalla Soccer 4
FS Sestrese Calcio 1919 3
final 3
Rapallo Ruentes 1914 3
Voltrese Vulture 3
Label 3
Kanaletto Sepor 3
Angelo Bayardo 1

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