In this fan video, Luffy vs Lucci, the second match at Egghead

In this fan video, Luffy vs Lucci, the second match at Egghead

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Rob Lucci vs. Monkey D. Luffy It is among the most epic, stunning and necessary clashes of all ONE PIECE. In reality, the Enies Foyer saga introduced the manga to considered one of its peaks in a conflict the place the Straw Hat staff declared conflict on your entire world. Even in the present day the general public remembers that battle within the tower of justice.

Over time, there have been a couple of fanatics who’ve owned it. Honored ONE PIECE in each approach, even reviewing conflicts. There are those that have evaluated this prior to now. Tom and Jerry style fighting, the one that created fanarts of different genres and rather more. And what occurs now? In fact, Rob Lucci’s return to the manga introduced again the previous feud. Nevertheless, Eiichiro Oda determined to pit the 2 foes in opposition to one another as soon as once more, and for that he had a brand new Egghead. Lucci VS Luffy in each woke up model.

Lucci later became stronger, a fan and animator who has a brand new leopard kind and signed up on Twitter as Kiecaburn, determined to pay tribute to this new battle. in 40 seconds, summarizes his view of the battle between, clearly black and white and quiet. The latter has been added to person Izuru Trash’s model, which makes use of sounds very harking back to Dragon Ball adopted by jokes from the ONE PIECE anime.

The result’s a Video of a dynamic battle between Lucci and Luffy in Eggheadfor now, it ends with Luffy’s transformation that prompts his Fifth Gear.

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