Knights of the Zodiac, where is the shonen saga?

Knights of the Zodiac, where is the shonen saga?

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Knights of the Zodiac It is without doubt one of the most influential battle shonens, having fun with large reputation around the globe even right now. The work, born from the pen of Masami Kurumada, really continues with the spin-off manga in 2022.

Now we have totally examined the historical past of Pegasus and its companions. Saint Seiya – Galactic War epicuntil the tip Saint Seiya – The Legend of Hades. However Knights of the Zodiac doesn’t finish with the battle with Hades. In reality, many have come over time works that develop and deepen the narrative.

In 2002, the month-to-month Champion Purple journal appeared. Knights of the Zodiac – Episode G, A 20-volume sequence written by Megumu Okada and revealed in Italy by Planet Manga since 2005. Accomplished in 2012, the sequence takes place years earlier than the unique story started and chronicles the struggle between the Gold Saints and the Titans led by Cronus. The protagonist of the occasions is the Golden Knight of the Lion of Aiolia. This sequence was adopted by Knights of the Zodiac – Episode G: Assasin and Episode G: Requiem with Shura of Capricorn.

Then got here in 2006 Saint Seiya – The Subsequent Dimension – The Legend of Hades, a full coloration direct sequel to Masami Kurumada’s time journey utilizing the plot gadget. It all the time is available in the identical 12 months and till 2011. Knights of the Zodiac – The Misplaced Canvas – The Legend of HadesDescribing the earlier struggle between Athena and Hades.

They’re making their debut in 2013 Saint Seiya OmegaNot but revealed in Italy, e Knights of the Zodiac: Saintia Sho, warrior servants of the goddess Athena, primarily based in Saintia. now and again Lucca Comics & Games 2022 in Italy arrives at the Saint Seiya Time Odyssey.

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