Kono Manga and Sugoi!  2023: here are this year's winners

Kono Manga and Sugoi! 2023: here are this year’s winners

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2023 version of the manga information Kono Manga and Sugoi! (This manga is gorgeous!) introduced their rating for one of the best manga of 2022. Out there classes: “Greatest manga for male audiences” and “Greatest manga for feminine viewers”.

cover hikaru ga shinda natsu

High 10 manga in response to male viewers:

  1. Hikaru and Shinda Natsu associated to Ren Mokumoku
  2. Goodbye Eri associated to Tatsuki Fujimoto
  3. Takopii no Genzai associated to Taizan5
  4. Akane-banashi associated to Yuki Suenaga and Takamasa Moue
  5. Gekikou Kamen associated to Takayuki Yamaguchi
  6. Korean Kaite Shine associated to Little Toyoda
  7. Tremendous no Ura by So Sū Futari by Jinushi
  8. a chunk associated to Eichiro Room
  9. From Seihantai na Kimi to Boku associated to Kocha Agasava
  10. Midori no Uta associated to Yan Gao
Cover Tenmaku no Jadogal

High 10 manga by feminine viewers:

  1. Tenmaku no Jadogal associated to Tomato soup
  2. younger bride associated to Hitomi Takano
  3. Majime na kaishain associated to Umeko Fuyuno
  4. Onna no Ko ga Iru Basho wa associated to Ebine Yamaji
  5. Hoshitabi Shounen associated to Sakana Sakazuki
  6. Umi ga Hashiru Last Roll associated to John Tarachine
  7. Busu Nante Iwanaide associated to Arako Toaru
  8. Taiyou Yori mo Mabushii Hoshi associated to Kazune Kawahara
  9. Tamon-kun Ima Docchi!? associated to Yuki Shiwasu
  10. Watashitachi and Mutsuu Renai ga Shitai associated to Yukari Takanami

He was first within the males’s rankings final yr. look again associated to Tatsuki Fujimoto and the yr earlier than that Noticed Man by the identical writer. With Goodbye, Eri, Fujimoto occupying the rankings for the third time in a row. look again Printed by in Italy. Star Comicsadditionally introduced Goodbye Eri; Noticed ManPosted by, however Planet Squad. This yr’s winner Hikaru and Shinda Natsuintroduced for Italy as an alternative J-POP.

Umi ga Hashiru Endroll associated to John Tarachine final yr she positioned first within the girls’s standings, and the identical title is in sixth place this yr.

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