New theme songs are coming for the second part of the anime adaptation

New theme songs are coming for the second part of the anime adaptation

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In 1978, Rumiko Takahashi conquered the world by throwing her personal. lum On Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday. Nearly half a century later, Urusei Yatsura has made a spectacular comeback with an anime adaptation to accompany the viewers within the first episode of 2023. Listed here are the brand new theme songs of the collection.

In October 2022, Lum made her debut, a brand new version of the anime primarily based on the work of “manga queen” Takahashi. The anime, which lasted a complete of 12 episodes, launched the brand new technology of viewers to anime. The joke of the alien Oni Lamù and the human Ataru Moroboshi.

Lum will have a total of 46 episodes split-currency components. The second a part of the anime begins in a row on the finish of the primary session and can convey some issues. new opening and shutting abbreviations. The above was formally submitted by the manufacturing staff.

THEM New Lum episodes coming in 2023 The opening tune will accompany MAISONdes feat. “Aiwanamchu” Asmi and Surii and shutting tune “Aitarinai” from MAISONdes, yama and nito. You can see the opening and ending clips within the non-credit model within the tweets on the backside of the article. We remind you that this episode of the Lum anime will finish with the twenty third episode.

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