Nicola Lucchi's new novel "Daniel Ghost and wandering souls" is published tonight in Inarzo -

Nicola Lucchi’s new novel “Daniel Ghost and wandering souls” is published tonight in Inarzo –

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A boy who needed to transfer in along with his uncles in a distant village within the mountains after his dad and mom disappeared.

That is how the story begins Daniel. Unhappy on the floor, till the reader discovers Small baby – “nobody observed” – it’s going to grow to be a ghost“however not a kind of who hang-out castles”, identical to her new classmate Diana.

After which… who’s the wandering spirit who has tormented faculty college students for a number of days?

That is the journey of the younger hero. Daniel Ghost and the Wandering SpiritsNicola Lucchi’s newest novelmovie and tv author and screenwriter.

Revealed by Gribaudo, Daniel’s story is on the heart of this fantasy novel devoted to youngsters aged 10 and up, a mysterious and engaging fantasy set within the Val Camonica within the Valle dei Segni, drawing on mythology and Camunian legends.

The date with Nicola Lucchi and her fantasy novel is for tonight. Thursday 19 January at 21:00 on the Inarzo Municipal Library. Entrance is free.

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