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Planet Manga: Comics coming out this week

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planet manga comic week
Picture: Groundwork for Evangelion the Film

All comics from the Planet Manga collection that Panini will launch in the course of the week of January 16-22, 2023.

Evangelion the Film Field Set Fundamentals
Single volumes are additionally accessible
Authors: Hideaki Anno, khara
Contents: A BEAUTIFUL BOOKMARK AS A GIFT! Evangelion the Film 1/2 Basis Research
Binding: Hardcover
Value: 70,00 € (buy online)

EVANGELION MOVIES ARTBOOKS Hideaki Anno’s two superb volumes devoted to the Neon Genesis Evangelion function movies Dying & Rebirth and The Finish of Evangelion. The work of animation masters who created an immortal epic in a collector’s field.

Spriggan – Field set
Single volumes are additionally accessible
Writers: Hiroshi Takashige, Ryouji Minagawa
Substances: Spriggans 1/4
Value: €30.00

THE INSPIRING WORK OF HIROSHI TAKASHIGE AND RYOUJI MINAGAWA IS COMING TO ITALY New translation and new graphic adaptation. The primary 4 volumes are additionally accessible in a prestigious field set to piece collectively a shonen who has rightfully entered comedian e book historical past. THE MANGA THAT THE ANIME WAS MADE THROUGH NETFLIX.

Big Kill 54
Authors: Tsujitomo, Masaya Tsunamoto
Web page: 224
Format: 13X18
Content material: Big Kill 54
Binding: Paperback
Value: €5.50

The semi-finals of the Asian Cup, the place Japan and Australia face off, are being performed. It is a good match in addition to aggressive, the primary half of which is about to finish with an surprising consequence. At halftime, gamers from each groups can have quite a bit to speak about within the locker room…

Kengan Ashura 24
Authors: Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon
Web page: 208
Format: 13X18
Content material: Kengan Ashura 24
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value: 7,00 €

The third spherical of the Event of Extermination is nearing… Will Agito Kanoh be the final wrestler to achieve the semi-finals? Or will Sen Hatsumi be capable of triumph? Positively, the conflict between “Fang of Metsudo” and “Tender Cloud” can be unforgettable…

Planet of Fools 8
Authors: Hiroki Endo
Pages: 192
Format: 13X18
Content material: Gusha no Hoshi 8
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value. €7.00

AN EXCITING ISSUE Tossed between life and loss of life, Shinta desires of a dream that permits him to find the destiny of his father and folks. It is only the start of a quantity stuffed with twists and turns that may accompany you till the top of this gripping collection.

Mushoku Tensei – Unemployed Reincarnation 16
Authors: Yuka Fujikawa, Rifujin Na Magonote, Shirotaka
Web page: 168
Format: 13X18
Content material: Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu 16
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value: 7.50 €

Rudeus found Fitz’s secret… however nonetheless did not notice that his proficient academy good friend… was certainly an previous, much-loved acquaintance underneath his proficient spectacles! Might this be the important thing to breaking the spell that has been oppressing Eris ever since she left him?

Noragami 17
Authors: Adachitoka
Pages: 192
Dimension: 11.5X17.5
Content material: Noragami #17
Binding: Paperback
Value: 7.90 €

Bishamonten is one step away from the Craftsman… however a collection of offended gods stood between him and his goal, between him and his goal. Decided to save lots of him, Yato challenges the mighty Takemikazuchi: The truth is, provided that he manages to defeat him will he be capable of cease the celestial lynching!

Defend My World 9
Authors: Saki Hiwatari
Web page: 336
Dimension: 11.5X17.5
Contents: Boku no chikyu wo mamotte 9
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value. €7,90

WHAT IS BEHIND THAT MASK OF PERFECTION With a intelligent, stunning and fascinating voice, Mokuren is taken into account a goddess. Let’s discover the previous of one of the vital mysterious characters in Saki Hiwatari’s manga, whereas Rin enacts a plan with unexpected penalties…

Shangri-La Border 6
Writers: Katarina, Ryosuke Fuji
Web page: 200
Format: 13X18
Content material: Shangri-La Frontier 6
Binding: Paperback
Value: 5.20 €

NEW ITEMS AND NEW SKILLS TO ALWAYS GET BETTER As all of Shanfro’s gamers surprise who the three explorers are who worn out Wezaemon, Sunraku and his mates share the loot from defeating the Tomb Guardian…

Blue Metal Arpeggio 22
Authors: Arc Efficiency
Web page: 176
Format: 13X18
Content material: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio 22
Binding: Paperback
Value: 9,00 €

“I need you to struggle!” To search out out if the Psychological Fashions may take cost of Earth’s future, the Admiralty Code compelled the Fleet of Fog to not simply struggle towards people. So what’s going to the brand new workers be like?

They’re simply fantasies 4
Authors: Yukino Search engine optimisation
Web page: 200
Dimension: 11.5X17.5
Content material: Moso Shojo 4
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value: 7.90 €

Should you’re nonetheless a virgin in your twenties and your erotic fantasies go wild once you’re with the person of your desires, relationship is not simple. Additionally, Jun had proof that Kano did not care. However will that be true?

usurer 38
Authors: Shohei Manabe
Pages: 192
Format: 13X18
Content material: Yamikin Ushijimakun 38
Binding: Paperback
Value: 9,00 €

It isn’t simply the president fleeing the yakuza hiding on the streets of Okinawa. Ushijima has tracked down one of many culprits of Kano’s loss of life, and it will not take lengthy to get revenge. Between lethal traps and hidden loot, can he resolve the state of affairs earlier than he reveals up? Keep in mind, Mr. Pawnbroker: Calm head and fast reflexes.


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All comics coming out this week

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