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Planet Manga: Comics coming out this week

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Picture: Assassination Classroom – Full Field Set with Variant

All comics in Panini’s Planet Manga collection will publish Through the week of 19-25 December 2022.

Ragna Red 10
Authors: Daiki Kobayashi
Page: 232
Format: 13X18
Content: Ragna Crimson 10
Binding: Clamshell paperback
Price: 7.50 €

THE DETERMINED WAR STARTS Ragna clashes with Kamuy and the Golem and Chimera confront Borgius as Crimson appears in front of Altemacia. The Silver Army must be able to eliminate Ort-Zora without Princess Staria’s help!

Protect My World 8
Authors: Saki Hiwatari
Page: 304
Size: 11.5X17.5
Contents: Saki Hiwatari
Binding: Clamshell paperback
Price: 7.90 €

THE SITUATION MOVES AND THE MOON IS FORCED TO INTERVENE Rin’s mental balance is compromised when all memories of a previous life awaken in her child’s brain. Meanwhile, Arisu realizes that the key to solving the situation lies within himself.

Attack of the Giants – Box NN. 26/30
Authors: Hajime Isayama
Content: Attack on Titan 26/30
Binding: Paperback
Price: 24.50

A desperate move to enemy territory Eren Jaeger and his team set out to wreak havoc and destroy Marley’s army. Objective: To save the island of Paradis and its inhabitants. Eren will have to deal with the powerful giant “war hammer”.

Eden Ultimate Version 4
Authors: Hiroki Endo
Page: 440
Format: 15X21
Content: Eden 7/8
Binding: Hardcover
Price: 24,00 € (
buy online)

All shouldn’t be what it appears The streets of Lima flip purple as gang warfare sees Pedro and his males on the middle of the battle as Elia meets the mysterious and highly effective Automater. Nonetheless, there’s a secret plan that few folks learn about…

Bleach 1 Christmas Variant
Authors: Tite Kubo
Pages: 192
Measurement: 11.5X17.5
Content material: Bleach 1
Binding: Paperback
Value: 9,90 €

The primary problem of Tite Kubo’s manga that has actually pushed readers all over the world loopy, with a brand new metallic cowl model! The perfect Christmas reward for any Bleach fan!

Berserk Assortment 41 Posters and Illustrated Particular Version
Authors: Kentaro Miura
Web page: 160
Format: 13X18
Content material: Berserk 41
Binding: Paperback
Value: 19.90 €

A MISSABLE EDITION FOR ALL MAGNIFICENT FANS A particular quantity, a trustworthy copy of the unique publication, with particular presents: a collector’s poster and, above all, a 20×30 cm portray with an unpublished picture.

One Punch Man 1 Christmas Variant
Authors: Yusuke Murata, ONE
Web page: 208
Measurement: 11.5X17.5
Content material: One Punch Man 1
Binding: Paperback
Value: 9,90 €

The primary problem of ONE and Yusuke Murata’s best-selling collection with a brand new metallic cowl model! The perfect Christmas reward for any One-Punch Man fan!

Assassination Class – Full Field Set with Variant
Authors: Yusei Matsui
Contents: Assassination Class 1-21 + field set
Value: 125,10 €

Yusei Matsui’s masterpiece is obtainable in a full field set in December. The perfect Christmas reward for all manga readers!

Mushoku Tensei – Jobles Reincarnation 15
Authors: Yuka Fujikawa, Rifujin Na Magonote, Shirotaka
Web page: 168
Format: 13X18
Content material: Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu 15
Binding: Paperback
Value: 7.50 €

Rudeus discovers that the mysterious Silent Sevenstar is none aside from the dreaded Orsted’s companion. Not solely that… but in addition the woman he saved in his earlier life, simply earlier than he died! Will all this assist Fittoa discover the causes of her disastrous teleportation?

Kaijin Reijoh – Monster Beauties 8
Authors: Tetsuya Tashiro
Web page: 216
Format: 13X18
Contents: Kaijin Reijoh 7
Binding: Paperback + cowl
Value: 7.50 €

SECRET NEW ENEMIES FOR GIRLS WHICH ARE THE MAJORITY OF ASUMA, SUMERAGI, AND SUGIMURA Meido Institute college students are attacked by Reijoh, who, like them, can exploit Kaijin’s stays. Will they be capable of defeat them, as they did with most of Kairinto’s followers?

Tenken – A Sword Reborn to eight
Writers: Llo, Tomowo Maruyama, Yuu Tanaka
Web page: 176
Format: 13X18
Content material: Tensei shitara ken deshita 8
Binding: Flip paperback
Value: 6.50 €

A magic battle between a residing mage and an undead mage. A delicate sword that will not surrender. Who will survive when all of the magical and corrosive grudges that devoured the whole dungeon on the floating island are unleashed?

Killer Ichi 5
Authors: Hideo Yamamoto
Web page: 216
Format: 13X18
Content material: Koroshiya Ichi #5
Binding: Paperback
Value: 7.50 €

All comics coming out this week

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