Robo Sapiens is our future in Shimada Toranosuke’s manga

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Practically 100 years after us, the world has turn out to be an enormous nuclear waste dump, and robots are important to make sure the survival of the few remaining folks. to be extra human than us

We have at all times had a sophisticated relationship with the long run and robots. On the one hand, we idealized them, pondering that they may resolve all our issues by giving us a lifetime of consolation, luxurious and idleness, alternatively, we had been at all times afraid of them, pondering that they might insurgent towards us in the future. It’s maybe the second situation that spreads extra simply in science fiction literature. Nevertheless, few imagined that robots might finally turn out to be a lot like us, incorporating typical human feelings and emotions, and finally turn out to be extra human than we’re. They aren’t related in all respects till they turn out to be unrecognizable, as they’re Blade Edgehowever higher.

13 tales that converge within the plot

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Robo SapiensIt’s a 13-episode manga written by Shimada Toranosuke. 13 autonomous however interconnected tales, tales that type a form of choral novel by way of a skinny widespread bond, present the gradual development of a world of intergalactic journey and resistance, in a context the place man has turn out to be uncommon and androids exist. survived, however not due to a battle the second received towards the primary, however due to the errors made by the primary. A mass suicide inheriting a world of replicas of humanity, replicas programmed to carry out each activity entrusted to them, even probably the most tough: to be blissful.

A future not removed from us

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In a world now smashed, war-ravaged, and affected by nuclear waste, this – or what’s left of it – takes refuge elsewhere as robots carry out the indispensable activity of defending the human species. It isn’t a distant future that Toranosuke envisions, however only a century away from our each day lives, and maybe that is much more horrifying. It was ourselves, not aliens or robots, that introduced us to the brink of extinction, and that’s very reasonable. Nevertheless, hope and the perfect of a forgotten humanity can lastly be discovered written in binary code amongst databases of anthropomorphic machines that appear to have one nice mission: to hold our legacy past our extinction.

melancholic and touching

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The narrative progresses with intense, melancholic and transferring tones, one look at a time, making a mosaic that reminds us of what we could be. Individuals who love and search one another are undoubtedly not programmed to reside in solitude and self-devouring selfishness. Toranosuke’s graphic model is whimsical, at occasions stylized, completely unrealistic, reclaiming parts of the manga custom and mixing them with these of western comics, mixing Tezuka and Moebius with out following both one or the opposite, a extra private and distinguishable model. is configuring.

Eisner candidate

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Revealed in Japan between July 2018 and June 2019, nominated for the Eisners in 2022 and included within the Choice Officer of the Angoulême Competition, Robo Sapiens has been delivered to Italy by Coconino Press in a single paperback quantity of 304 black and white pages. The value of 24 euros.

Shimada Toranosuke, Robo Sapiens, Coconino Press, 304 pages, black and white, cowl column, 24 euro

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