The adventures of Linea and the world of Osvaldo Cavandoli: open studio and fundraising to bring the great illustrator's work to life

The adventures of Linea and the world of Osvaldo Cavandoli: open studio and fundraising to bring the great illustrator’s work to life

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I hope I am Java. And it is really easy to flee Osvaldo Cavandoli, designer and animator of many cartoons. Initially, Linea is the little man who travels the world, buzzing in a high-pitched voice and making shocking encounters, first as a visitor in Carosello commercials for a strain cooker, then together with his personal adventures in comics and his personal adventures, created with only a fixed stroke of the pen. animation. Linea has turn into very fashionable on the earth, it has taken its place in bank cards, family home equipment and even hemorrhoid lotions.

Nevertheless, its creator, Milanese Osvaldo Cavandoli, who has been useless for practically 20 years, is now forgotten. Now attempting to repair his son Sergius, from immediately till the 14th opens the studio at 10 am in Through Prina, Sempione space.plaque, cartoons, film posters, billboards, brochures, unreleased movies, puppets, technical tools, animations, memorabilia, prizes and prizes are saved. To prepare inventive workshops, conferences, guided excursions, particular screenings, theatrical performances, exhibitions and concert events for adults and kids, hoping to make certain of its opening. And for this we’d like 16,500 euros. Crowdfunding on Retedeldono ( We’re at the moment in the course of the determine, others are wanted by the top of the month and those that donate not less than 20 euros will obtain Linea instruments: stickers, pins, notepads and canvas buying luggage.

It is a attractive place, however – surprisingly – small. Like the guts, it’s a minimally sized organ, however able to harboring emotions and feelings for a lifetime. And for many who grew up with all the opposite innovations of Linea and Cavandoli as children, getting in there’s a heartbreak. Nevertheless – underlines Sergio Cavandoli: “The studio wants fixed upkeep. Additionally, my father has some work instruments that periodically require technical intervention, such because the movie. To not point out the care and upkeep of the puppets, posters, sketches, tables. and the stage and flicks that should be digitized”.

Among the many present agendas is a preview of a video set up by artist Eleonora Oreggia (alias xname) that features unpublished materials about Cavandoli, specializing in and buzzing and utilizing Carlo Bonomi of Milan, the voice of Line. Dialectical grammar in Fo.

The place and when – “Semper + Cava”, from immediately to 14, through Prina 10, with reservation (

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