The intertwining of two great souls

The intertwining of two great souls

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 Intertwining of two great souls QUO-005

07 January 2023

«A sequence of conversations with Péguy from our definitive return to France, the just about distinctive theme of which is his return to religion, the wants of the Church, Péguy’s challenges and resistance. A short while later, Jacques’ sister Dom Baillet and Ernest Psichari joined this dialogue by letters»; With these phrases, the third chapter of Les grandes amitiés (1941), a treasured coffin composed of recollections of the poet and mystic Raïssa Oumançoff, the spouse of Jacques Maritain, probably the most vital figures of twentieth century philosophy, begins. Intersecting braids and spirals; existential labyrinths intersecting in a canvas that appears to have emerged from the artistic thoughts of the artist Escher; however, if the engraver…

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