Trailer and new characters for anime in 2023

Trailer and new characters for anime in 2023

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This Lum’s manga is one of the bestsellers all around the world. Rumiko Takahashi has created a timeless work that, though first printed within the 70s, nonetheless fascinates right this moment. It is clearly doing this now with a brand new graphic design, not an ultra-outdated one.Lum remake anime It began in 2022.

Certainly, October marked the exit of many souls, Amongst them was Urusei an anime that decides to inform some specifically chosen tales from Lum’s manga in additional than 50 episodes. Frankly, there was no time to publish all of them. Lum’s planned episodes In 2022, due to this fact, the anime is getting ready to return in 2023. After lacking the debut on December 29, the twelfth episode will pave the way in which for a brand new collection.

It accompanied every little thing. New trailer for Lum presenting Alien’s 2023 and anybody who will accompany him all year long. The above video opens with a Lum kawaii He begins consuming some dishes like parfait, ice cream, and mochi, adopted by a collection of scenes with different characters with a music within the background. In truth, with the arrival of unreleased episodes, anime may have one other opening: From subsequent Thursday MAISONdes feat. It will likely be potential to hearken to the music “I Wanna Muchu”. Asmi and Threee.

It did not finish there, as a result of as you possibly can see There are different characters within the Lum trailer it is time to clarify those who have not been seen to date, and due to this fact the voice actors. Ten is voiced by Aoi Yuki, Ryunosuke is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, and his father, Shigeru Chiba. Lum’s adventures are ready for you and will probably be much more enjoyable.

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