Unveiled new official drafts of the first episode of episode 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Earlier, Araki had predicted how JoJolands would concern a member of the Joestar household, with out additional particulars however giving a small trace within the type of the drawing revealed earlier within the 12 months, displaying solely the “again” of a possible character and a star-shaped hairpin and “JoJo We may see a hand pointing on the phrase “. At all times with him, he had gone to trace at a potential unique setting.

After that some leaks Followers who discovered extra about what JoJoLands will probably be have been capable of get new particulars in regards to the foundation and protagonist of the story and the adventures we’ll observe.

The February 2022 subject of Extremely Soar, due out in Japan on January 19, 2023, contains two new previews of The JOJOLands, the upcoming ninth episode of JoJo’s Weird Journey. Along with revealing the protagonist, it additionally reveals the plot on the finish. JOJOLands will debut within the March 2023 subject of Extremely Soar on February 17, 2023 subsequent month. The sequence will probably be revealed month-to-month within the journal alongside its spin-off manga JoJo’s Weird Journey: Loopy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak.


The muse and protagonist of JoJoLands

Preview of the following subject Ultra Jump It reveals the face of the protagonist, revealing that it’s the identical character that Hirohiko Araki drew for the 2023 New Yr card. The boy has gentle coloured hair and a facet braid on his proper facet. She wears a star decoration in her braid and a entrance bang that covers her left eye.

Right here is the plot:

“That is the story of a boy who’s extraordinarily rich on subtropical islands.”

Episode 9 tells what the story will revolve round within the second continuation of JoJo’s Weird Journey, identical to the earlier two episodes. In Episode 2 of Metal Ball Run, Johnny Joestar mentioned, “This story is my toddler story. Not in a bodily sense… however in a sure sense, from adolescence to maturity…”.

Additionally within the first episode of JoJolion, Yasuho Hirose says, “This can be a story about breaking a curse…”

The Extremely Soar subject additionally contains sketches of the pages within the first chapter.

New sketches present palm bushes, an airport and law enforcement officials. From left to proper, the notes to the panels are:

“Blue sky”
Sound results for highly effective music
“Police A”
“Patrol automobile”
Speech bubble that claims “whats up”
“Tropical Islands”
“Volcanic lava”

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